Welcome to BitVote

An ambitious tool to help empower digital democracy and collaboration on a large scale.

The short description is: an application using encryption chains and a peer-to-peer hybrid technology. To the purpose of proposal collaboration, information sharing and voting.

BitVote‘s summarized process:  1) Discussion. 2) Examination of proposals. 3) Merging or listing proposals as options to be voted for. 4) Voting on Proposals. 5) Actualization of the proposal voted. and lastly  6) auditing or evaluation of an implementation for posterity.

Who will be able to use BitVote? 
Anyone that has a computing device with multimedia (camera, mic, etc). Users can be a member of the general public or any organization and government entity.

Digital voting, what about security? 
BitVote will be built using next generation blockchain technology. We’re in progress of partnering with two top Blockchain industry leaders, one to ensure vote tallying and content is secure, and the other to provide an easy user ID and authentication service.

Join us or support our endeavor by donating money or time. Start by reading the Concept. A re-write is due, so bare with us. Most of the officially and unofficially involved parties behind BitVote have busy lives in technology and Science. Most of which are Neuroscientists for some odd reason!

Join the effort